Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the return policy?

You can have a look related to returns and refunds on our return policy page link on the homepage. Only items that are damaged , defective or that are of incorrect size can be returned. Incase you are unhappy with our product for any reason you can reach us through our contact form or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Products that need to be returned should be returned within 3 days.

2) What are the shipping options?

We provide only one shipment option as of now which is the standard shipment. It is free and takes approximately 7-20  days.

3) What are the international taxes, duties, etc. that I have to pay?

We do not charge any additional taxes or service charges. 

4) When will I receive my order?

Your order will take an approximate of 7-20 days to reach. Please be patient. Please note: Due to the current pandemic, orders may reach you a little later than usual. Thanks for your cooperation!

5) What do I do if I never received my order?

Incase you haven’t received your order or have any issues related your order please feel free to contact us through the various methods listed and we will get in touch with you .

6) What do I do if I received a defective order?

Please refer to REFUND POLICY.

7) How do I make changes to an order I’ve already placed?

Unfortunately, once an order is placed and paid for at checkout, no changes can be made. You will have to wait for your order and then request for a return incase you are unhappy with what you receive.

8) How do I make sure I order the right size?

Most of the items on the site have listed measurements. Incase of any doubts you can contact us via mail.

9) Where will I receive my refund?

You will receive your refund in the same mode as which you have purchased the order. (eg. If the purchase was made through PayPal , the money will be deposited to your PayPal account )

10) How do I return an item?

Once you request for a refund and return, your request is first verified and processed after which we will send you a form which you will be required to fill and email to back to us. Furthermore, you will receive an address to which you will have to post the shipment back to. Bear in mind that all shipment expenses should be borne by you alone.  For the aforementioned reasons, it is best to avoid returning products unless damaged/defective as it is a time consuming and hectic procedure for the customer . Moreover, since our products are shipped from various locations in Asia, the duration it takes for returned products to reach back to our warehouse is long and often items return back damaged. 

However, we want to serve our customers with the best service possible and hence, for any reason if you want to return a product, it is best that you contact us immediately and we will look into the issue and see what best can be done in our capacity to help you through a more quicker and feasible way.